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Live on GitHub: WHM Data Warehouse

WHM Data Warehouse is now live on GitHub.

WHM Data Warehouse is a data warehouse application for WHM (Web Host Manager) written in PHP & MySQL. For more information on WHM please see the ‘References’ section on the WHM Data Warehouse Project Homepage.

A client of ours wanted us to create a small web app that amongst other things would allow them to create new email addresses at one of their domains, without requiring WHM or cPanel access. This would allow them to have any employee create new email addresses, since they would have minimal access and could not do anything to mess up WHM or cPanel.

While we were creating the app, we found it much easier and safer to just import entire sections of the WHM into a local database, and then manipulate the information there. This means that we weren’t working on the actual WHM database, completely eliminating the chances of us harming live data.

And just like that, the WHM Data Warehouse was born. We figured if we can benefit from this application, others may be able to as well.

As this project is in its infancy, not all available WHM information is pulled into the data warehouse.

Go to the WHM Data Warehouse Project Homepage

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